Frequently Asked Questions | Lewfin America LLC

  1. Make sure that I have the following ready beforehand:
    • Social Security Card
    • Drivers License
    • Three References
    • Salary or Regular Income Bank Account details, including
    • Internet Login Detail and passwords, as you will be expected to use these to give access to Lewfin America to draw bank statements, to assess your income and affordability.
  2. Apply by:
    • Going on our website, and pushing the “Apply Now” button;
    • Visiting one of our outlets in person;
    • Phoning one of our Client Service Representatives, who will guide you through the process

It will be paid electronically into your bank account.

You will sign an Electronic Deduction Mandate with Lewfin America LLC, which will enable us to deduct the installments directly from your bank account. You will be welcome to make cash payments, as long as such payments are made at least three working days before the scheduled date, as that is the latest date that electronic payments can be re-called.

You can borrow anything from $50, up to $500, depending on your individual circumstances and affordability evaluation.

Yes, and much faster once you are already a good-standing client of Lewfin America LLC.

  • Have a Social Security Number
  • Be a resident of Texas
  • Have a stable, recurring income that pays electronically into your bank account;
  • The above bank account must allow ACH/Electronic Debits
  • Your internet banking credentials

In layman’s terms, APR is the total markup of all fees and interest payable on a loan, expressed as a yearly percentage on the initial capital amount disbursed. Examples of the APR on our products can be viewed on the Disclosures tab on our website.

Before getting this loan, ask yourself:

  • Do I need to borrow this money?
  • Can I pay back the loan in full when it is due?
  • Can I pay my bills and repay this loan?
  • Can I afford late charges if I miss a payment?
  • Do I have other credit options?
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